Lorne Cancer Conference 2019

Professor Erwei Song

SONG Erwei, born in 1970, is professor of Breast Tumor Center at Sun Yat-sen University, Chang Jiang Scholar of Ministry of Education and Distinguished Professor of China Medical Board (CMB). Dr. Song focuses his research work on non-coding RNA and diseases, mainly on breast cancers. During his postdoctoral training at Harvard Medical School, his publication “RNA interference targeting Fas protects mice from fulminant hepatitis” in Nature Medicine as first author was the first report that siRNAs could be used therapeutically in whole animal disease model. After setting up his lab at Sun-Yat-Sen University in China, his work demonstrates the important roles of multiple microRNAs in regulating breast cancer biology, including stem-cell like feature, epithelial-mesenchymal transition, invasiveness, metastasis and therapeutic sensitivity, etc., which are related to breast cancer progression and treatment response in clinics. He also studies the impact of inflammatory microenvironment on non-coding RNA expression and function in breast cancer cells, and he has identified a novel functional receptor for macrophage specific CCL18 that plays an important role in promoting breast cancer metastasis. To further harness small non-coding RNA as a therapeutic weapon, he exploited antibody and nanoparticle mediated strategies to deliver siRNAs into specific subtypes of cancer cells in vivo. He has published 56 peer reviewed papers with 38 as first or corresponding author, including Cell, Cancer Cell, Nature Medicine, Nature Biotechnology, Science Translational Medicine, PNAS, Blood, Cancer Research, Oncogene, Clinical Cancer Research, Journal of Biological Chemistry, ACS Nano, etc.