Lorne Cancer Conference 2019


Thursday 14th February 2019


Session 1: Pediatric Oncology


Introduction: Alex Swarbrick


Stefan Pfister
Hereditary predisposition to childhood brain tumors


Nick Gottardo
Translating cell cycle checkpoint kinase inhibitors into the clinic for medulloblastoma


Oral Abstract


Oral Abstract


David Ziegler
Precision or Poison: The Development of novel therapies for high risk childhood cancers

16:10 Afternoon Tea
16:40 Session 2: Flash Talks and Cancer Metabolism
16:40 Flash Talks
17:30 Oral Abstracts
17:45 Marcia Haigis
Mitochondria and Cancer 
18:15 Festival of Food (Tickets available through online registration)
19:30 Poster Session I

Friday 15th February 2019

08:30 Session 3: Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer
08:30 Matthew Ellis
New Insights into Endocrine Therapy Resistance in Breast Cancer
09:00 Luke Selth
Regulation of prostate cancer cell plasticity by microRNAs
09:25 Oral Abstract
09:40 Oral Abstract
09:55 Stacey Edwards
Chromatin interactome mapping identifies target genes at breast cancer risk signals
10:20 Morning Tea
11:00 Session 4: ImmunoOncology
11:00 Thomas Gajewski
Tumor and host factors regulating anti-tumor immunity and immunotherapy efficacy
11:30 Shaneen Sandhu
11:55 Nick Huntington
Innate immune control of metastatic cancer and priming of T cell anti-tumour immunity
12:20 Oral Abstract
12:35 Sherene Loi
Understanding the breast cancer immune infiltrate using single cell RNA sequencing
13:00 Lunch
16:00 Session 5: Signalling
16:00 Martin McMahon
Protective autophagy elicited in response to RAF→MEK→ERK pathway inhibition suggests a treatment strategy for RAS-driven cancers
16:30 Christina Mitchell
Regulation of breast cancer by the RAC-GEF PREX-1
16:55 Boomerang Winner
17:20 Flash Talks
18:00 Dinner at your leisure
19:30 Poster Session II

Saturday 16th February 2019

08:30 Session 6: Tumour cell Biology
08:30 Martine Roussel
Pediatric Medulloblastoma – Molecular Pathways and Preclinical Trials
09:00 Oral Abstract
09:15 Oral Abstract
09:30  Susan Woods
Bowel cancer functional genomics and personalised medicine
09:55 Bill Weiss
Human stem cell models for pediatric cancers
10:25 Morning Tea
10:55 Session 7: Tumour Microenvironment
10:55 Erwei Song
Treat the cancer soil: Turn foes to friends
11:25 Oral Abstract
11:40 Oral Abstract

Ashani Weeraratna
A Wrinkle in TiME: how the aging microenvironment governs tumor progression

12:20 Lunch
15:50 Session 8: Epigenetics
15:50 Mark Dawson 
Non-genomic mechanisms of therapeutic resistance in cancer
16:20 Clare Stirzaker
DNA Hypermethylation Encroachment at CpG Island Borders in Cancer 
16:45 TBC
17:10 Break
17:45 Session 9: Ashley Dunn Oration
17:45 Introduction: Ashley Dunn
17:50 Scott Lowe
Understanding and exploiting p53 mutation in cancer
18:50 Close
19:30 Conference Dinner (Tickets available through online registration)
After Dinner Speaker: Leonie Walsh
How much control do you really have over your career?