Jomar Life Research Workshop

Friday 10th February 2-3pm

Title: Scientific Career Pathways: Bench and beyond!  

Background: We’d like to invite early to mid-career researchers to attend a relaxed and open round table discussion on career pathways for scientists. This will provide a platform for researchers to explore the various scientific career pathways with a diverse range of professionals. Join us to hear 5min career spotlights from 4 different occupations beyond the bench. There will be plenty of time for Q&As over coffee and cakes. 


Illumina Workshop

Friday 10th February 3-4pm

Title: Critical evaluation of the Illumina MethylationEPIC BeadChip microarray for whole-genome DNA methylation profiling

Speaker: Dr Ruth Pidsley
Illumina speakerDr Ruth Pidsley is a CINSW Early Career Fellow with a PhD in molecular genetics with a particular emphasis on the epigenetics of common complex diseases. She has extensive experience in the analysis of methylation microarray and sequencing data. Now based in Prof Susan Clark’s Cancer Epigenetics Research group at Sydney’s Garvan Institute, her current research interests include: investigation of the epigenetic landscape of the tumour microenvironment in cancer, implementing analytical frameworks for the integration of multi-omic datasets, and translating these epigenetic research findings to address current clinical challenges. As part of this work Ruth has recently engaged in the characterisation and evaluation of the new Illumina EPIC array for DNA methylation profiling.


Metabolomics Australia Lunchtime Workshop

Saturday 11th February 2-3pm

“New capabilities and the complexity of data”- How ‘-Omics’ Technologies and Informatics drive innovation

If you would like to understand how omics can be applied to your biological question come to the workshop where we along with our partners aim to highlight differing approaches to these challenges and how informatics can bring all the information together for a greater understanding.

Pose us a unique way to utilise Metabolomics and win an iPad Mini or simply join us after for drinks and continue the conversation.

“Think metabolism... If I were doing a PhD [in cancer research],  I'd be doing it in metabolomics”.

Quote from Prof. James Watson, Nobel Laureate. Web of Stories. “Glycolosis, cancer and metabolomics”

Dave DeSouza from Metabolomics Australia will talk about how he works with researchers around their biological question

Tom Hennesy will update on developments with Seahorse technology

Other Guest speakers to be announced

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